How ultrasonic welding transformed plastic welding

How ultrasonic welding transformed plastic welding

Plastic welding, or any process that flawlessly bond thermoplastics, has been around for a long time. One of the most ground-breaking approaches developed for this practice is ultrasonic welding. Ultrasonic welding uses sound waves rather than heat or electricity to join two dissimilar components, resulting in a weld that does not require soldering, binders, or adhesives to keep two materials together.

The method was discovered in 1963 when Robert Soloff noticed that sound waves were not limited in the same manner that other plastic welds were. Instead of direct contact between the material and the applicator, an ultrasonic welder may send sound waves around corners and along the edges of rigid plastic. This enabled sound waves to locate the contacting seam that needed to be welded, allowing an ultrasonic weld to reach considerably smaller and tighter areas than conventional types of heat sealing.

Since then, ultrasonic welding has found widespread application in heat sealing and plastic welding applications. Today, ultrasonic welding has replaced glue and screws in various consumer goods, including cellphones and toys.

Because ultrasonic welding does not need a soldering substance or emit any heat or fumes, it is a very environmentally safe and efficient form of thermoplastic welding. In addition, ultrasonic welding, like several other plastic welding technologies, are completed in a fraction of a second. This means materials are bonded as fast as before but ultimately saves money over conventional heat-sealing procedures. Ultrasonic welding machines can also be easily customised to deal with very particular materials.

Because no external material is required, ultrasonic welding can be used in computer and medical applications where debris and foreign matter might have devastating consequences. Furthermore, because of its versatility and speed, ultrasonic welding has become one of the most widely used methods of plastic bonding today.

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