Plastic Joining Equipment In Johannesburg


The intelligent ultrasonic standard machine

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M.E.E. offers to design and manufacture Aluminium, Titanium and Steel Sonotrodes to your requirements.



For the DIY Electrode maker M.E.E. offers a wide variety of Electrode strips. T cut outs, round weld out, ect.

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We stock a large selection of Valves, Capacitors, Insulators, Resistors, Diodes, ect.

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Zinser Hot Air Gun


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For over 50 years, M.E.E has positioned itself as a leading provider of plastic joining Equipment in Johannesburg.
Our time in the industry has allowed us to build up a strong network of suppliers and partners, that have enabled us to offer high-quality plastic welding equipment to a variety of clients, as well as related services.

A Plastic Joining Equipment Manufacturer in Johannesburg that Works with its Clients

M.E.E. acknowledges the importance of addressing clients’ needs in alignment with their environment’s specifics. The absence of holistic optimization can disrupt productivity flow within your facility, a concern we address effectively.
In addition, through further collaborative engagement with our clients, solutions align with their specific requirements. Through this approach, our actions stem from a comprehensive comprehension of your operations.

Our Plastic Welding Equipment

Our team offers a selection of high-quality, specialized ultrasonic welding equipment that has been refined and perfected over the years.
The supreme quality of our products is a source of pride, meeting the highest standards of expectations.

M.E.E products and parts are characterized by affordability, accuracy, and reliability, and include ultrasonic welders, actuators, welding guns, microprocessor controllers, sonotrodes, tools and dies, tool rules, and more.
Take a look at our products page for details.

Services & Spares

We enter into a long-term business relationship with our clients to ensure that our offers on plastic welding equipment give your facility the most that they can.
Our offers of services and spares cover two major areas.
We can manufacture spares and accessories like tool rules, jibs, and dies; and are also here to offer full services, maintenance, and repairs on all of the machines offered by M.E.E
Clients experience streamlined facilities with optimal efficiency, reliability, and minimal downtime, ensuring enhanced operations.

Contact M.E.E for Details

If you would like to know more about our offers on plastic joining equipment in Johannesburg, be sure to get in contact with a representative from M.E.E. today.


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