Ultrasonic Welding Equipment Products

We provide the best ultrasonic welding equipment for your business at great prices. With years of experience, we have chosen the best selection of products which will ensure efficiency in production.

You will be choosing technology which is on the forefront of welding plastic systems. The reason is that we have carefully picked out innovative systems that will improve your output tenfold.

Contact us M.E.E for more information on our products, we are happy to assist you.

Carefully designed, our products are of the highest quality and standard. It has always been our mission to find and supply products which will enhance your business.

M.E.E has done this by looking at the technological conditions and process routes that welding plastic machinery takes. By understanding which conditions and process routes provide the best results, we can select the machinery which will supply it.

Hours of research has gone into locating the perfect machinery for plastic joining practices. As such we can guarantee improvements of your process from the moment you start using the systems.

In fact, it is not only the process of joining plastic which will improve. The overall output of the ma-chines, and your business will improve, resulting in an improved standard which you will supply.

Accuracy is another factor which can mean high quality or low quality of standards. Our products are designed in their own right to be able to boast accuracy of the highest possible level.

With ease of forming being a huge benefit, your manufacturing process will become far more efficient. On top of this, the reduction of post-treatment processes and faster production saves on costs.

Our products have the edge and will give you an edge compared to your competitors. Streamline your process by using high quality plastic joining products.


Richardson Electronics - Mee

Richardson represent leading manufacturers of electron tubes and components used in industrial power applications. (Among the suppliers we support are Amperex, CPI, Draloric, Elmac, General Electric, Hitachi, Jennings, L-3, National, NJRC, Thales and Toshiba.)

Sonotronic designs high-tech systems and components for joining plastic based on Ultrasonic, infrared and hot plate technologies. A significant aspect of the business is standard and special machines for ultrasonic welding and punching for the automotive and packaging industries.

Sonotronic Ultrasonics Technology - mee

Schirmacher GmbH is a cauldron of ideas for your specialised field, i.e., in the manufacture of plastic welding machines. We can offer everything from a single source -from technical consultation in the field of welding technology to the design of machinery and assemblies as well as manufacturing.

Schirmacher - mee
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