Microprocessor Controllers - MEE


  • Operating modes: Setting up and automatic
  • Locking of the automatic operating mode by key switch
  • Interruption of the working process in the event of a fault detected by the constant monitoring




Our STG 150 and STG 200 microprocessor controllers monitor the ultrasonic welding process for maximum safety. Many functions of the STG 150 and STG 200 systems can be monitored to provide safe operation. If these safety measures are breached, the welding process will be immediately stopped. A corresponding error message in plain text will also be displayed for rapid removal of the cause of the fault.


Advances in microprocessor controllers are key to improving ultrasonic welding parameters and joint quality. Modern ultrasonic welding machines are equipped with microprocessor controllers that monitor and improve the joining process.


Our microprocessor controllers have a setting up and an automatic operating mode. The automatic operating mode is locked by a key switch. Through constant monitoring, the microprocessor controllers interrupt the working process in the event that a fault is detected.


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