The Plastic Manufacturing Revolution

The Plastic Manufacturing Revolution

Joining Plastic Processes

Plastic joining machinery can be hard to find, especially if you are looking for top of the range equipment.

Joining plastic is a process which requires machinery that can effectively and reliably weld plastic together, which is durable and long-lasting.

Of course, depending on what type of machinery you buy, there will be an increase or decrease in the labour needs and equipment costs.

Adding to this, each process has limitations on the size and kinds of plastic that can be joined.

If you are looking for a plastic manufacturing equipment company who will deliver top quality machinery, M.E.E has got you covered.

There are 8 ways in which plastic is able to be joined through the use of high-tech joining plastic machinery.

These are mechanical fastening, fusion bonding, hot gas welding, vibration welding, solvent bonding, ultrasonic welding, induction welding and dielectric welding.

Mechanical Fastening

One of the simplest ways to join plastics is by using a fastener, such as a hinge, in order to hold plastics together.

This technique requires the plastics to be stronger as they need to be able to hold during the manufacturing process.

On top of this, they need to be able to work under stress when used and if they are not joined properly, they could break.

If rigidity is important for your business in terms of plastics then this form of joining is not for you.

Fusion Bonding

Fusion bonding is the process of taking pieces of plastic and welding them together. This form of high-tech joining plastic machinery is precise in measuring and welding plastic parts together.

The melting process puts the separated plastic parts together, melting them into each other. As this happens, the plastic joining machinery is ensuring that the surface of the part is smooth.

The entire process, from start to completion, is quick which is a benefit as multiple parts need to be made during the workday. This allows for demand to be met as the supply is high.



Hot Gas Welding

This form of plastic joining is a slow process as it is the heating of a thermoplastic rod, which will be used to melt parts of plastic, which will then be placed together in order to be joined.

This type of joining plastic machinery needs highly skilled labour to effectively join parts.

Another factor is that if the parts are complex, the time it will take to join parts will be much longer.

If you are looking for shorter manufacturing times, or if you are working with intricate parts, then hot gas welding is not the choice for you.

Vibration Welding

The way that vibration welding works is that parts are placed together, with one part being vibrated at a high rate in order to produce friction.

Friction will allow the parts to heat up and form perfectly together. Where a plastic manufacturing equipment company may sell such machinery, this technique is used more for larger parts.

The reason for this is that these large parts would not be able to be joined in any other way. Using other plastic joining machinery would prove to be a failure.

Solvent Bonding

Solvent bonding uses solvents which are placed on plastic parts to soften them. As the solvent vaporises the parts will be joined.

Heating decreases the time the process will take to work. Too much pressure placed on the parts will affect the shape, too little pressure will not allow the parts to properly join.

This joining will only work after a few hours may be needed in order to ensure that the parts are properly fixed together.

Ultrasonic Welding

Joining plastic machinery which M.E.E supplies, ultrasonic welding used vibrations, similarly to vibration welding with a tool called a horn.

This technique vibrates two pieces of plastic together which will heat them up, melting the parts together.

The benefit of using ultrasonic welding is that this high-tech joining plastic machinery allows different types of plastic materials to be fused together.

Induction Welding

Induction welding uses a metal insert which will allow two plastic parts to be able to fit together.

The metal insert is heated using a magnetic field which will allow the plastic parts to be welded together.

This form of joining plastic machinery is can also use a different sort of bonding when ferrite is utilised for welding.

Molecular friction is used in order to allow both plastic parts to join correctly.

If metallic particles are chosen, then the plastic joining process will be using an alternating magnetic field to heat the part.

Dielectric Welding

This form of welding uses high voltages as well as frequencies, which will break the plastic parts down in order to fuse the plastic together.

Usually used on thin sheets of plastic, this plastic joining equipment allows for a quick joining process which works best for PVC materials such as pipes, sides, tubes and also blood bags.

PVC is a widely used plastic, where almost all piping is made up by the material.

Dielectric welding is able to produce quality PVC items in a short amount of time, keeping them in a reliable condition.

If you are looking for a dietetic welding machine which produces quality products, you should get into contact with M.E.E.

Benefits Of Manufacturing Plastic Parts


Choosing to purchase from a plastic manufacturing equipment company that is reliable will save you money as they will be providing you with competitive prices, as well as giving you products which are good quality.

Joining plastic machinery is cost-effective in terms of not being pricey, while at the same time being able to fuse products at a faster rate.

On top of this, parts are not hard to find and are also low in price which means that maintenance costs will be a minimum requirement.

In terms of production, the energy consumption is much lower than other types of manufacturing machinery.

Time Efficient

Production costs will be low and production time will be decreased with the dyeing process being able to be done before the welding and melting process.

Plastic joining machinery has been designed to ensure that surfaces are kept safe and smooth when joining multiple pieces of plastic together.

Fusing has even been improved meaning that even after pieces have been welded together, the time it takes for it to set has been decreased.

High-tech plastic machinery has been able to remove a lot of steps in the once long list of tasks of plastic joining.

The more you are able to produce with your joining plastic machinery, the more you will be able to supply.


In terms of structural strength, the use of plastic joining allows the material to be one of the strongest.

Being strong, lightweight and multipurpose, plastic is leading the way in terms of becoming the favoured material in terms of its functionality.

Plastic manufacturing equipment Johannesburg is able to provide your business with the tools needed to produce this popular material.

The rise of use in plastic is ever-growing, with demand soaring.

High-tech plastic machinery will be able to produce high-quality plastic products in a more faster and efficient way.


A major benefit, especially in terms of our environmental impact, is that plastic products can be reused in a multitude of ways.

Plastic can be easily transformed into a lot of different products unlike other materials used in major industries such as steel.

Using high-tech plastic machinery will also help keep the shape, strength and overall look of plastic in tip-top quality.

Your businesses overall expenditure will drop as well-meaning that you are not only saving the environment, you are also cutting costs effectively.

Increased Lifespan

Plastics have a much higher chemical resistance compared to metals which means that they will last a lot longer.

This also allows the reuse of plastics, as mentioned, where plastic joining machinery can reuse plastics in order to reproduce new plastic materials.

Like its recyclability, plastic will cut your costs down as you will not have to search for new plastic materials time and time again.

Of course, there will come a time when you will have to replace plastic as it will eventually break down.

If your business is looking to start working with plastics, contacting a plastic manufacturing equipment company, such as M.E.E will ensure that you are getting the best machinery possible.

CAD System And CNC Machines

M.E.E uses a CAD system, alongside their dedicated team of qualified specialists, in order to efficiently develop and design their joining plastic machinery.

The CAD system is used to develop and design a lot of products and equipment, including bending and moulding steel into shapes.

CNC machines use a CAD system in order to precisely create products and equipment effectively.

What Does CNC Machinery Do?

CNC machines use a preplanning system such as CAD, which will tell the machine how to precisely design a product.

Everything from speed to coordination has all been processed, ensuring that the CNC machine will deliver a perfect design, all in a shorter amount of time.

M.E.E uses the CNC machine in order to create their high-tech joining plastic machinery, ensuring that their equipment and machinery is state of the art and completely uniform.

This will also ensure that you know you are working with a plastic manufacturing equipment company that will deliver machinery that is of high quality.

CAD system will tell the CNC machine exactly what to create, as well as how much detail it requires.

After this, through the programming of specialist employees, your machines will be able to be made in front of your eyes.

How Great Is CNC Machining?

The reason as to why M.E.E uses CNC machining is because it allows them freedom in terms of what they can create as well as decreasing the production time completely.

The plastic manufacturing equipment company is always looking forward and has found that if they are able to design your products more effectively, efficiently and more precisely, it is a win-win relationship.

The faster they are able to produce your equipment the faster you will be able to receive it.

If you are looking for plastic joining machinery which is completely flawless, then looking into M.E.E and their products will get you what you want.

With conventional manufacturing, equipment which is being produced will have to be moved from one station to the next in order to be made.

CNC machines stop this step as it is able to completely develop your joining plastic machinery at one station in a much shorter amount of time.

Quality and quantity can both be attained when using a CNC machine.

Your business will be for the better as your plastic joining machinery will be top quality, highly functional and ready to use as soon as you get it.

Another big benefit of using M.E.E is that there is a guarantee that your supply will reach you in time and with the right amount as CNC machines are able to produce equipment in high quantities over and over again.

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If you are looking for top-quality plastic manufacturing and high-tech plastic joining machinery, then you should take a look at M.E.E. Their range of equipment and machinery will ensure that your business is working at an optimum level.

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